I wanna new drug

I want a new drug
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car

Or make me feel three feet thick

Those lyrics are from a Huey Lewis and the News song from a few decades ago. I think we’d all like to find a new drug that would make us feel great without all the side effects. For the past 13-years I’ve been pitching a drug called cycling. Bicycle-type cycling. Butt in the saddle type cycling.

Get on your two wheeler (or three wheeler) and ride. Then ride again. Keep doing that and I am convinced you will feel better, much better, in a reasonably short time. I
believe that cycling can heal the body and awaken the mind, because that’s what it has done for me and others like me.

It’s very likely that the good effects of cycling are derived from the aerobic benefit that it imparts, that, and the non-impact circular movements involved in pedaling. There’s been a lot research done on this subject. Here’s an article that touches on just how beneficial aerobic exercise (and thus cycling) can be for a body. Particularly, an older body. It's a quick read. Check it out, then jump on your bike and start your own cycling regimen. It's additive!