Bike Touring in Washington State

Book Review:
Cycling Sojourner
A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE. If you’d like to plan a fantastic get-away. Or if you want to get back to basics and experience the countryside and a renewed sense of freedom, I can think of no better way than on a bicycle. And one of the best, most pristine locations in the US to do just that is Washington State.


I’ve ridden my bike in 13 states, and have 37 to go to reach item #1 on my Bucket List. I’ve not ridden in Washington yet, but I know many cyclists who have, and who have shared their stories and photography with me. So, how serendipitous is it that bike tour leader and guidebook author Ellee Thalheimer has created Cycling Sojourner, the perfect guide book for me, and for anyone who wants to explore Washington from a whole new vantage point.

Get ready to hop on your bike and experience Washington state more intimately than anyone can in a motor vehicle. Never toured before? Don’t worry. If you can handle a bicycle, you can tour--no matter your age or level of experience.


Thalheimer offers a variety of tours to fit nearly everyone’s budget, and all levels of cycle touring experience. She lays out the basics of getting ready, and does the legwork and research to make a Washington bike tour an experience of a lifetime. This book will guide you through untouched landscapes, snow capped mountains and river valleys laced with vineyards, and it provides advice on road conditions and terrain along the way. Thalheimer also shows you opportunities for lodging and campsites, eateries, wineries, brew houses, museums, parks, resorts, festivals, hiking and fishing venues, enjoyable side trips and much more.

Cycling Sojourner is a travel and guidebook written in a friendly “let me show you” style. It’s full of insider knowledge from cyclists who’ve done it, and the kind of nuts and bolts, how-to information that is so useful to newbies and experienced cyclists alike.

Jim Sayer, executive director of Adventure Cycling Association, says this about Thalheimer: ...she acts as a convivial, detail oriented bike concierge who gives you insight into the best multi-day loop tours in the state, local culture, and the most delicious places to eat, drink, and see the sights. A “bike concierge”, that’s an appropriate description.

It’s a given among the cycling community at-large that Washington has some of the best cycling culture and infrastructure in the country. So if you’ve considered parking the car, locking up the house, and taking on a new adventure, a bicycle tour in Washington is a world-class way to do it. I recommend Cycling Sojourner for the valuable guidance it offers any cyclist planning a tour in Washington.

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